The 2019 Awards Night

The inaugural ARPIA’s hosted at Honey Bar and Restaurant on Friday 17th. The function room filled with 55 creative minds behind roleplaying, game designing and writing. The night was lively, showcasing the winning works and providing a platform for the attendees to mingle, talk projects, and discuss future collaborations.

John Coleman and Ramona Mandy preparing the awards.

John Coleman welcomed the attendees with a theatrical speech before introducing the keynote speaker.

Michael O’Brien delivering his keynote speech.

Micheal O’Brien, Vice President of Chaosium spoke on his history writing games, the new era of roleplaying, and the recognition of the writing coming out of the roleplaying community as a legitimate form of literature. 

With that, the award ceremony commenced: John Coleman was joined by Ramona Mandy to hand out the award certificates and medals.

Mikhail Bonch-Osmolovskiy accepting the award for Best PDF Only Product.

The award for the Best PDF Only Product went to Mikhail Bonch-Osmolovskiy for The Facility.

Kate Edwards accepted the Best Electronic Product award on behalf of Syrinscape.

The award for the Best Electronic Product went to Syrinscape for Waterdeep.

Allan Carey of Type40 accepting the award for Best Artwork.

The award for Best Artwork went to Type40 for the Disk of R’lyeh.

Mikhail Bonch-Osmolovskiy accepting the award for Best Cartography.

The award for Best Cartography went to Mikhail Bonch-Osmolovskiy for The Facility.

Vee Hendro and Hayley Gordon accepting the award for Best Rule System.

The award for the Best Rule System went to Storybrewers Roleplay for Good Society.

James Coquillat, Michael O’Brien and Mark Morrison accepting the award for Best Scenario.

The award for Best Scenario went to Chaosium for Reign of Terror.

And the Game of the Year award went to Storybrewers Roleplaying for Good Society.

Vee Hendro and Hayley Gordon accepting the Game of the Year award.

The Game of the Year award, also known as the Syd, was a bespoke timber dice tray crafted by Galen Kemp, featuring the ARPIA harpy logo designed by Juimon, engraved by Type40. The ARPIA awards were medals designed by Juimon and manufactured by Campaign Coins.

Congratulations to the winners with thanks to the judges and craft-persons involved in bringing ARPIA to life. Thanks also to the attendees for filling the night with mirth, and for supporting the awards. Applications to the 2020 ARPIA’s are now open!

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