The Judges

Jane Routley

Fantasy and Science Fiction writer Jane Routley has published 6 books and won two Aurealis Awards for Best Fantasy Novel.  Her short stories have been widely anthologized and read on the ABC.  She has had a variety of careers, including fruit picker and occult librarian and she lived in Germany and Denmark for a decade. Now she works on the railways in Melbourne and is a keen climate activist.   
Despite years of encountering “things that cannot, nay, must not be described” in Call of Cthulhu, she is not (yet) insane.  Honest.

Melody Watson

Melody Watson is an editor, games designer and historian with a lifelong love of role-playing games. Beyond designing games like LAIKA (a Freeplay Awards finalist) and On Mighty Wheels, she has been involved in the Australian RPG scene as an organiser, encourager, and attender of conventions for well over a decade. She definitely wants to hear about your idea for a game about cats, and especially wants to hear about that character you played one time. For really real.

Reece Carter

Hey everybody, I’m Reece. I’m just a bloke who likes good books and playing games with his mates. I was an ENNIES judge for two consecutive years and really enjoyed my time doing it. I look forward to seeing everyone at the next Arcanacon, if you see me come say giday, I’m the tall bloke.