ARPIA Information

Mission Statement

To recognise and encourage Australian involvement in the role-playing industry

Our Values

We love role-playing in all its diverse forms for the fun and community it promotes. We love the creativity and imagination that comes out of games that exist in the mind. In this spirit we value diversity and inclusiveness and embrace everything role-playing that makes people feel welcome and safe in the hobby we love.

Awards given

Game of the Year

Best Artwork

Best Scenario

Best Rule System

Best Cartography

Best Actual Play

Best PDF only Product

Best TTRPG Debut

Terms and Conditions


  1. Role-playing materials published or otherwise produced for sale (even for $0.00) within the announced time frame.
  2. Material can only be submitted for any award once.
  3. Materials must be deemed by ARPIA to be predominantly produced by Australians, or be a component produced by an Australian of a predominantly foreign publication.
  4. Copies of the material must be made available to the judges within the submission time period.
  5. Re-released material may be considered if not previously considered for an award or if a majority of the product is new.
  6. Materials crowd funded must be provided to most backers in the awards year.


Awards will be decided by a majority of the judges panel.

Winners may use the award in their publicity and any other ways that are in line with the values statement.

Judges decisions are final and do not need to be explained. Decisions by individual judges will not be published.


Judging timeframes and Award night will be posted on the website home page.

Winners are announced at the ARPIA Awards night held where and when announced.


ARPIA will endeavour to represent the diversity of the role-playing community in its selection of judges.

A judge may be involved, professionally or otherwise, in the tabletop industry either within Australia or internationally, however, they may not  judge any material they have worked on for any award.

The ARPIA Organising Committee will select judges as vacancies arise.

Judging Criteria for Game of the Year

• Overall game experience

• Player engagement

• Clarity of Rules

• Ease of Play

• Production Values

Supplying Games/Products for Consideration

A form is available on the ARPIA Website for submissions, Please upload the game via the submission form if possible (max upload limits may restrict this). If for any reason this does not suit you please email your submission to Please provide all relevant information about your product including the Australian content, publication details and which award you want it considered for.

Otherwise write to us at this address to organise another option.

Submissions are accepted from anyone, but if it is not the producer/owner of the product then we will seek approval for the submission from the producer/owner.