ARPIA Celebrates 2023 Winners!

The third annual Australian Role Playing Industry Awards (ARPIA) has concluded with a flourish, honouring the pinnacle of talent and creativity in the table-top role-playing games (TTRPG) arena. Hosted at ACMI as part of the illustrious Melbourne International Games Week on 4th October, the ARPIA ceremony underscored the dynamism and innovation shaping the future of TTRPGs.

Highlights from the Awards Night:

Best TTRPG Stream:

  • Winner: Red Centre by Night by Rina Limsico
  • Honourable Mentions: Stream of Chaos by David Naylor, Last Voyage of the Bean Barge by Nobody Wake the Bugbear

Best Cartography

  • Winner: Highways & Byways by Neil Gibson & Drew Baker
  • Honourable Mentions: Drain Threshold by Stuart Llody Holmes, Terror Signal by Mikhail Bonch-Osmolovskiy and Jake Scott

Best Artwork

  • Winner: Parselings: Nominal City Guide by Leo Cheung
  • Honourable Mentions: Fragged Empire by Wade Dyer, You Repugnant Hunters by DW Dagon

Best Scenario

  • Winner: Hard Wired Island: Tales from L5 by Paul Matijevic
  • Honourable Mentions: Terror Signal by Mikhail Bonch-Osmolovskiy and Jake Scott, Alone Against The Static by Brian Holland

Best Rule System

  • Winner: Fox Curio’s Floating Bookshop by Ella Lim
  • Honourable Mentions: You Repugnant Hunters by DW Dagon, Decaying Orbit by Sidney Icarus

Best PDF Only

  • Winner: Terror Signal by Mikhail Bonch-Osmolovskiy and Jake Scott
  • Honourable Mentions: Creatures Such as We by Brian Holland & Allan Carey, Fire & Stone by Into The Weird Blue Yonder

Outstanding Achievement

  •  Fragged RPG by Wade Dyer

ARPIA Game of the Year:

  • Winner: Decaying Orbit by Sidney Icarus
  • Honourable Mentions: Fire & Stone by Into The Weird Blue Yonder, Hard City by Benji Corless

The evening was enriched with a keynote from Tim Westhaven, COLLARTS’ Program Leader for the Bachelor of Game Design. Westhaven’s address enlightened attendees on emerging education pathways in TTRPG and contemporary game development trends. The ceremony also provided an exclusive opportunity for attendees to network with industry leaders from all over Australia.

John Coleman, an ARPIA spokesperson, reflected on the event, saying, “The Australian Role-Playing Industry Awards is more than just a celebration; it’s a testament to the vibrant community and the innovative minds shaping the TTRPG world. We’re proud to have spotlighted this year’s achievers and to be a highlight of the Melbourne International Games Week.”

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